Henna Your World

Henna Your World


This henna class is designed to help you learn to make “real” henna paste. Pam Trent teaches you a few of the standard strokes that are used in most henna designs (even by advanced henna artists). Henna is a great addition to your business; it is beautiful, creative, very gratifying, and a great money maker. Here are some topics covered in this class: How to make your henna paste/ and how to storage henna, Basic henna strokes, Simple henna designs, Aftercare of henna tattoo


Products Used

For your convenience each artist has a class page on Silly Farm Supplies where you can view all the products used in their classes and help you choose the products you want and need. Each FabaTV artist also wanted to share with you some of their most useful tips and tricks as well as free tutorials to give you inspiration throughout the year. You can find these free videos in the FabaTV Tutorials section.


Christine Wolf 2011-07-14 08:20:46

Can't wait to see your class Pam. Tommorrow can't come soon enough. Christine "Miss Sparkle" Wolf

Faith Kimberly Cruz 2011-07-16 18:48:44

Thank you for this class! Can't wait to see more advanced classes. :)

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