• Boys 2 Men: $0
    By Melissa Munn - Duration 00:56:08 Aprox.
    Melissa Munn is here to bring us another incredible class, with amazing boys to men designs great for birthday parties, festivals and much more. In this class we you will learn how to use Melissa’s unique tribal style designs, as well as using one strokes. So get your tools ready for another grea...

  • Ghoulish Glam: $0
    By Heather Green - Duration 01:56:36 Aprox.
    Get ready for the sexiest Halloween designs by the one and only Heather Green. We are turning these ghoulish characters and glamming them up. Heather will teach you how to make a Werewolf Faun, a sassy devil with prosthetic horns, a zombie mermaid, and even a tantalizing Freddy Krueger. These design...

  • Glamoween: $0
    By Cameron Garret - Duration 00:56:32 Aprox.
    Are you ready to glam up this year’s Halloween! Cameron Garret brings you this spooktacular class with gorgeous Glamoween Designs. She will teach you how to create a cute pumpkin eye design, a dazzling vampire, her own version of a sugar skull, and her signature glamoween cat! So get your glitters...

  • Balloon Magic: $0
    By James Changefield - Duration 00:57:32 Aprox.
    James teaches a magic routine, using balloons that are practical, visual and engaging to the audience. With a mixture of magic and balloons, James routine teaches you how to manage your audience, keep them engaged and what to look for when selecting volunteers....

  • Cheek Art: $29.99
    By Lea Selley - Duration 00:49:05 Aprox.
    It’s the funky tattooed lady Lea Selley with a brand new class teaching us some hip cheek art for kids of all ages. Known for her ultimate stencils, this class brings you a variety of designs that are quick and easy to learn. Sharks, trucks, and more will spark your creativity as you learn how to ...

  • Creative Animals: $0
    By Anna Wistrich - Duration 00:58:57 Aprox.
    Anna Wistrich brings us another amazing class here on FABAtv. In this class you will learn techniques to create gorgeous and delicate cats that girls will love. Anna brings us a collection of her very own felines, with bling and bright colors. So let’s get started....

  • Fun Airbrush Lettering: $29.99
    By Jeff Simon - Duration 01:03:12 Aprox.
    Known for his incredible airbrush skills, Jeff Simon brings you an excellent class on airbrush calligraphy. This class teaches technical aspects of airbrush lettering. You will learn your ABC’s in cursive and bubble letters. This is great for gigs that require logos, and even free styling names on...

  • Pintando Caras con Aerografo: $29.99
    By Marcela Bustamante - Duration 01:08:14 Aprox.
    Marcela Bustamante regresa con una nueva clase a FABAtv, esta vez nos comparte su tecnica con aerografo. Aprenderas a utilizar plantillas para crear fondos llenos de color, y complementarlos con tecnicas de pincel. No te pierdas esta fabulosa clase! ...

  • Rose Wrangler: $29.99
    By Denise Cold - Duration 01:15:16 Aprox.
    We have the cowgirl herself on this month’s live class, the one and only Denise Cold. Known for her one stroke rose designs, she will teach us all how to perfect our roses and improve our designs with great tips and tricks. So get your angled brush and one stroke ready so we can wrangle these rose...

  • Smoking Hot Dragons II: $29.99
    By Nick Wolfe - Duration 00:56:51 Aprox.
    The reptiles are back and who better than our fabatv instructor Nick Wolfe teaching this class. These smoking designs are incredibly vibrant and full of color, great boys and girls of all ages. Nick will show you a step by step guide on how to create these fire breathing ancient beauties. ...

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